Friday, October 07, 2005

Ladies Man

I've been wondering about Bush for a while and this harem (for lack of a better word) of super dedicated women that surround him... what is it with this guy? Let's see, you've got:
Rice (who has refered to him as 'her husband')
Hughes (doesn't Laura worry about leaving these 2 alone?)
Miers (who apparently wears a wedding ring... sans mate)
And these are just a few. Lots of super dedicated women he gets love & attention from... everyone except the one whose attention he really wants: Mother. And she, apparently, is where all the trouble starts.

Reason I Gave Up On Religion #135

From 'the Catholic Shopper' comes further proof that people have gone way off the deep end with their 'Jesus Inspirational Sports Statues' designed to be:
...the perfect gift for every young Catholic athlete. These statues portray Jesus actively participating with boys and girls in a variety of sports. A wonderful way to reinforce Jesus "as friend" in everyday activities.
All this statue tells me is that either these people really misunderstand Jesus' message and catholicism or that they are hell bent to discredit its true message (hint: Jesus didn't die on the cross to be your kid's personal baseball coach 'cuz he spent a lot of time with the poor and was a wee bit of a socialist).

It also tells me that Jesus wore the $3.50 flip flops from Old Navy. Man I ♥ those. Wear 'em all year 'round.

Thursday, October 06, 2005


Apparently appointing Miers is Bush's way of sticking it to the 'intellectuals' and the folks he went to Yale with:
Beyond the religious ties, there's nothing that will make Bush fight harder for his nominee than an attack by the intellectuals—even if they are from his own party. Those who put others down as second-rate minds with weak credentials get relegated to that class of snobs he first learned to hate at Yale, when he walked through their Vietnam protests in his leather bomber jacket. Those who lack skill in what Will called "constitutional reasoning" are already pressing the president's anti-intellectual buttons. Bush loves the idea, say aides, that Miers strikes a blow for real-world simplicity.
Great. We have a 10 year old as president.

Check out Slate's Brief History of Cronyism on the Supreme Court.

Daryn Kagan: Mistress

So upsetting: CNN Newsfox is now simply Rush Limbaugh's 'Mistress.' No joke, this is what he thinks of her:
In fact, I got a note from my mistress in Georgia this morning, who was watching the speech. She said, "This is great. This sounds like you wrote this speech. This sounds like you giving this speech."
Do you think that Rush meant what Websters defines a 'mistress' as:
a woman other than his wife with whom a married man has a continuing sexual relationship
All Class that Rush. All Class.

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

And These People Are His Supporters...

Via the much loved AMERICAblog, George Will says something interesting about Bush:
He has neither the inclination nor the ability to make sophisticated judgments about competing approaches to construing the Constitution. Few presidents acquire such abilities in the course of their pre-presidential careers, and this president particularly is not disposed to such reflections.
To this I have to ask the following: Okay, if he can't handle picking a judge this what on earth made you think he was capable of handling the life or death issues for thousands that going to war involves???

Total Republican Workout!

Much hilarity at the latest HPI meeting with this soundtrack from Arnold.


Tuesday, October 04, 2005

"Revised Science Textbooks for Christians"

A little cartoon hilarity for your Tuesday! And Remember kids: Don't be like the hypocrites, always choose Science because flying in planes, shooting satellites into space and gene therapy should always beat a tortilla with the Virgin Mary's face on it and anything Pat Robertson says.

Monday, October 03, 2005

Caption Fun For Everyone!

Use the comment feature and give this photo a caption for a little fun...

Cronyism & 'Brilliance'

Harriet Miers eh? David Frum (former Bush speechwriter) shares this scary thought with everyone today:
In the White House that hero worshipped the president, Miers was distinguished by the intensity of her zeal: She once told me that the president was the most brilliant man she had ever met. She served Bush well, but she is not the person to lead the court in new directions - or to stand up under the criticism that a conservative justice must expect.
Ugh... and this is from David Frum on Sept. 29th.

Anyways, Frum is a total ideologue & tool and apparently none too happy about Miers (hardly a point of consolation I know).