Friday, January 14, 2005

meeting moved

Instead of Tuesday the 18th, we will meet on Wednesday the 19th.

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

"For the first time in six decades"

You know I've been looking for a copy of the infamous Wehner Memo on scaring people into allowing Bush to kill Social Security, when I noticed this passage that Paul Krugman quotes:
"For the first time in six decades," the memo says, "the Social Security battle is one we can win."

Read that again. What pops out at you? Is it the freudian slip regarding a timeframe of 'six decades'? Somehow I doubt that Social Security has been in trouble for 60 years. No, a certain type of Republican/conservative/whatever has opposed it for 60 years and this is their chance to kill it because, and now they've got a truly mean–spirited man in office with nothing to lose.

60 years. Weird how a little thing like that just slips out and no one really notices.

Monday, January 10, 2005

More on "Tort Reform" a.k.a. CAPP

Check out Ryan's blog from 1.8.2005 on Bush's visit to Clinton Twp, MI to start step two of his Corporate America Protection Plan.

Hey, I just made that up! Catchy, isn't it? That's what the Bushies mean when they says a CAPP on settlements.

I don't know, try it out. See how it fits. I think it's kind of cozy.